Palm Sunday, March 24-25 Masses are Saturday 5PM, Sunday 7AM**, 9AM***, 11AM, 1PM*, 6PM* We have a Procession at the 1PM and 6PM Masses. ** Note first Sunday Mass is 30 minutes earlier than normal.
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Contact: Jan Shaw


The Art and Environment Ministry is a group of persons interested in liturgy and decor.  We procure and arrange the flowers and help set the atmosphere of the church. 
Our group helps primarily with weekend Masses and special occasions such as Christmas, Holy Week, Easter and other special liturgical feasts.  Also, we take care of the live plants and they are watered weekly.  Anyone who has a fond interest in plants or experience in decorating and is willing to share their time enhancing our church, we invite you to come and work with us.


How to Serve

If you want to participate, contact Jan Shaw about volunteering. We prepare for weekend Masses on Friday or Saturday which requires two-three hours of time. We usually check on flowers once during the week, which will require a volunteer to spend at least one-two hours refreshing arrangements. We need a volunteer each week to water the church plants which takes one-two hours.  Volunteers rotate on a set schedule.

We set up for special church events the day of the event or before; this requires some amount of additional time to fully decorate the church. Whatever time a person can volunteer is great. If you do not have any experience in floral design or decorating but are interested, we will help you learn. The same applies to plant care; we will train you. To set up the decor for Christmas and Easter, we need some members to lift and place trees and plants for two-four hours, or work with light strings prior to decorating.  If you have some time, we have a job for you!


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