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Gospel of Life Respect Life Community



Contact: Parish Office

Monthly Meetings

The Gospel of Life Community has its monthly meetings on the second Friday of each month, at 9:45AM (after mass), in the St. Theresa Room of the St. Louise Parish Center.

Our Mission

  • Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to raise awareness of the unique value of every human life from conception to natural death, so that each person may be seen as God's gift.
  • To be led by the Lord to support the most vulnerable by prayer, advocacy, and loving assistance to meet their spiritual and physical needs.

Our Goals

  • To educate ourselves, our families, our community and especially our parish on the teachings of the church related to the gift of human life.
  • To encourage our parish to pray for mothers and fathers, for all children, born and unborn, for those who are dying, for the disabled, for those marginalized by our society on account of poverty, for victims of violence and war, and for prisoners on death row.
  • To motivate people to get involved with and to support programs and projects which assist and protect vulnerable members of our community.


  • The regular use of the Church's sacraments and continual prayer will be the foundation of this Community's mission, goals, and activities. We especially ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to guide us and to assist us in our activities and endeavors.
  • We pray that the efforts of the Saint Louise Respect Life Community always be guided by the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and by our recognition that even the most vulnerable and marginalized among us are children of God with infinite value and dignity.
  • We pray for those whose lives and dignity are threatened because of circumstances or society.


  • We will support and assist parish and diocesan organizations in their ministry to the poor, the sick, the victims of violence and war, and the imprisoned.
  • On a one to one basis we will seek to assist the disabled, the infirm, and their families.
  • We recognize the special importance of pregnant women and mothers in our community and will support them and their children.

Education of our committee, parish, and community.

  • We will try to be a resource to all members of the St. Louise community, encouraging respect for the value and dignity of all human beings through our educational programs, activities, communications, and behavior.
  • We will educate ourselves and others concerning the needs of vulnerable members of our community and threats to their lives and dignity.
  • We will inform our own members and others of the opportunities for service to those whose lives or dignity is at risk.
  • We will educate ourselves and the Saint Louise community on issues of public policy that involve human life and dignity.


The Mass for Life
is Monday, January 22, 2018

at St Martin's University in Lacey


Catholic Advocacy Day

is Wednesday, February 21, 2018

at St Michael Parish in Olympia








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