Parish Stewardship

Dear Parish Family,

I write to you today with a profound sense of gratitude for the many wonderful blessings that you have shared with St. Louise this past year.

I have seen your open-handed stewardship of time (truly hours and hours) and talent (amazing gifts). I’ve witnessed or been a part of so many beautiful, Spirit-filled liturgical celebrations and communal prayer experiences, so much service to those in need and to the parish community in all of our many ministries, countless meetings, planning and celebrating parish wide events like the recent picnic, the Christ Renews His Parish spiritual renewal process and Financial Peace University, just to name a few – all of which are made possible thanks to your time and talent. I’m also humbled by all the time and talent you put into the prayer and preparations that have led us to begin the exciting journey from Maintenance to Mission for our parish. We’ve taken the foundational steps of crafting our new parish mission statement – our mission is to “Ignite Faith and Witness God’s Love” – and implementing a new parish organizational structure. Not one of these things could happen without you parishioners’ generous stewardship of your time and talent. I thank you all.

And as you know, stewardship is not just about time or talent. It also includes our treasure, our financial sharing with the Church and other charities. I am deeply grateful for the financial generosity that our parishioners have shared with St. Louise. Through your financial commitment, we have been able to address the many needs of our parish. This includes maintenance and repair of our aging Church building, original school buildings, Parish Hall and Parish Center office building. We were able to complete the build-out of the remaining four classrooms on the second floor of our School and Faith Formation Center. We have been able to keep up with operating expenses and make some special expenditures, like helping start up the New Bethlehem Day Center and offering Christ Renews His Parish. Great things are happening through God’s providence and the faithful contributions of so many parishioners. I thank you all.

Together with these wonderful endeavors, we see the Holy Spirit leading us to expand our work (and our staff) in the areas of family life, youth, young adults, evangelization, and outreach ministries. We look to start building a healthy reserve to be able to fund the next phase of our campus master plan for our facilities. To live our mission, usher in the growth that we seek and properly sustain the good works that we hope to continue, we need to move forward with a concerted effort to increase our Sunday offertory collection.

I would ask that you reflect on your generous financial commitment to the parish and, for those of you who are able, if you could add a few dollars more each week to your contribution. If everyone who can, does, the burden on each household will be small and the benefits to our amazing parish will be great.  

I realize that this is not easy for everyone, but it is appropriate to present it to all. This opportunity to give reminds us that God is the source and owner of all things, and that we are not owners but simply the stewards of everything we have. We willingly give of our time, talent and treasure back to God, not as an afterthought but as a first priority. If we have an “attitude of gratitude” to God for all that He has so abundantly given us, then how can we not give back to God a generous portion of our first fruits? “Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be” (Matthew 6:21).

A Stewardship of Treasure Commitment Card and return envelope are enclosed with this letter. On the front side please indicate your financial pledge for 2018. On the back side of the card is a table showing sample giving levels you may wish to consider. Having a specific pledge amount from everyone is very important – it helps us predict the income side of our parish budget.

Our Commitment Weekend will be October 28 and 29. Please complete the Commitment Card and bring it to Mass that weekend to renew your offertory gift to support the works of St. Louise Parish. You can also complete a commitment card online at

The parish staff and I are extremely appreciative of everyone’s past generosity to the parish. I thank you in advance for your support, understanding, and kindness. We wish you and your family a most blessed and beautiful Autumn.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Gary Zender

If you haven’t done so, we encourage you to set up your contributions electronically, using our secure and convenient Online Giving page  Please don’t hesitate to contact Barbara at 425 214-5471 or JT at 425 214-5473 if you need help setting up your Online Giving account.

You can also download the Online Giving app (for iOS or Android), by Our Sunday Visitor, to create and manage your Online Giving account using your mobile device.  When registering for the first time, our St. Louise Parish ID# is 1368 or by zip code 98007.

Online Giving

Online Giving

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