Palm Sunday, March 24-25 Masses are Saturday 5PM, Sunday 7AM**, 9AM***, 11AM, 1PM*, 6PM* We have a Procession at the 1PM and 6PM Masses. ** Note first Sunday Mass is 30 minutes earlier than normal.
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Contacts: Helen Hesketh & Loraine Colby, Coordinators

Our goal is to have every person who comes through the St. Louise Parish church doors feel connected with our parish family. By welcoming each person in a positive, friendly, and spiritual manner, we help create a warm spiritually healthy parish environment that shows “We are happy that you have come.” Our goal is for everyone who enters St. Louise Parish to feel welcomed and loved.

We strive to provide an atmosphere of acceptance, especially for all of our first-time guests without ignoring our parishioners. Being greeted at the door becomes a visitor’s or parishioner’s first contact upon arriving for the Eucharistic Celebration, and shows that the Eucharist Celebration is a communal activity and everyone has a place at the table.

Registered member of St. Louise Parish
All are welcome to serve including children
Attend orientation and training
Welcoming smile, dependable and responsible

Length of Service:
Annual recommitment

Team Functions:
To meet and greet each person as they enter the door of St. Louise Parish to participate in Mass
To have everyone feel welcomed and loved
Provide an atmosphere of hospitality and acceptance
Greet each person after Mass is over as they are leaving

Service Commitment:
Arrive 20 minutes before Mass to greet and 10 minutes after Mass
Be available for a monthly (or more if willing) Mass assignment of the greeters choice that are assigned on a monthly schedule
Find a replacement if unable to serve

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